Thursday, August 6, 2009

Carpet removed

The two rooms with new paint are ready for new carpet. It's not a pleasant job to remove that old dusty carpet and the even dustier underlay, but if you can stand the dust and have a good cutting knife it really doesn't take that long. We rolled it up and tied it in 2-3 ft bundles and put it in garbage bags so it won't get too soaked before next pick up. I was surprised the first time we put out old carpet for the garbage man, they actually pick it up. So.. now we just have to wait our turn for the new stuff to be installed. No, we haven't tried that on our own.

Monday, August 3, 2009

August long weekend

It's the August long weekend. Lots of people go away camping or something, but we stayed home. Saturday was spent putting in a storm door.. that's a time consuming project! Well, I wasn't too much help there. I did take a look around the yard and discovered the raspberry bushes were covered with bright red berries... wow those need to be picked before they all fall on the ground! Hmm .. maybe six bushes and I got two containers full... When frozen they filled a big ziplock bag!

Monday, a rather cloudy cool day, yes a good day for baking, laundry and doing dishes. Lots of dishes after three batches of cookies! I hope the summer isn't over yet! We still have more jobs to do!