Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Little Things

I like having some old and some new little things to look at.
Such as cups and saucers, odd buttons, old jewelry, perfume bottles and so on.

The small corner china cabinet from downstairs was the perfect place to store them. 

Small cream jugs and odd saucers come in a variety of colors making a neat display.



Monday, November 16, 2009

Green Room Friends

I was looking around my room ... and there are some interesting characters watching me!

This is my hide the face doll. She's usually facing the other way, but I thought it was time
she saw the world. So here she is!

This is Mrs. Rabbit! She's recently moved upstairs! Isn't she sweet!

This lovely lady was a wonderful find at a garage sale some years ago. I love her braids.
She has also recently moved up in the world.

Here is Mr. Rabbit!
He was found at a garage sale in Lethbridge this summer! I guess they were tired of his constant watching. Pretty neat how he sits by himself. 

A November Day

It's a nice day today!
A bonus for us to have a sunny mild day in mid-November at +13C and without SNOW!