Sunday, May 31, 2009

Spring Flowers

It's a rather blustery day today, but I thought I should go out and at least look at the few flowers that are blooming. There is the beautiful purple pasque flower which is among the very first flowers to push its buds thru the frozen ground. The little mini iris lilac white color is so petite, but rather short lived. The old reliable poppy in yellow, orange and white. As a child I remember walking in my grandmother's garden, she had these poppies with their plump buds, and I always wondered what color would pop out. I'd be so curious I couldn't help but break open the bud to see what color was inside. I also have the bergenia (elephants ears) in my yard. Its tight clusters of rosy pink look so strong as they barely move in the wind. Oh, I almost forgot there is also the very prolific yellow alyssum. It's a perennial and spreads around even when the soil isn't good. It is pretty though.

Friday, May 29, 2009


Tonight took us to our neighboring town for a quick browse in the mini mall and supper at Boston Pizza. They make one of my favorites, the California pizza.. no mozzarella or meat, just onion, tomato and mushroom, well there's sauce too! See then I can eat the whole thing myself. Would we like some dessert? humm? Yeah, the warm chocolate brownies with two scoops of vanilla bean ice cream please and two spoons. OK...that was good!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Walking Around Town

I took my camera along last weekend when we went for a walk around town. Sometimes things do change in a small town, new buildings are built, little renovations done, or big changes. One building that had been here forever it seems, was the building that was once the Barrhead Alliance Church and later the antique store. It has been totally renovated into apartments. The house that was beside the church to the west was taken away and so it looks very different.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Snow Day in May

It's May 19th and we wake up to SNOW! What gives with this weather? I'm sure glad I didn't buy plants for my yard. The May long weekend is usually when we go out to the greenhouses. We see the masses of plants all lined up, looking so beautiful and hard to resist that we just have to buy them. I heard some people went camping and were happy to get back to their heated houses. In this country the weather seems to be very unpredictable. We can't plan too far ahead. However, the forecast for next weekend is much better. A warm +20C. The walking trails will have to wait until then.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Gaithers Concert

Well, we'd never been to a Gaither's Concert before, so it was pretty exciting. Of course we'd seen them on TV, but now we were actually part of the audience. Yipee! Rexall Place is pretty big, confusing if you're not a regular!

Our tickets said Sec.118, row 14 seats 16 & 17... hmm. where's that.. ooh here it says 118... down the steps we go to row 14. oops wrong side, should go to the other side of the section. ok.. here we are got all that food from the concession, try to balance two fries, two hot chocolates, hamburger, a large pretzel and a bottle of water... crazy, hey did we really need all that? $25 worth, wow! Anyway made it around and excuse me, excuse me, over three ladies who were already comfortable in their seats.. here we are trying to get seated, holding all this stuff and trying to lower the seats... had to have help, oh there were volunteers around us, one wanted to hold the hot chocolate, smell it I presume, well maybe they wanted to taste, who knows. Very entertaining I'm sure, and the show hasn't even started yet! ok you got the picture, we ate the food before the two vacant seats on our right were requested and we would all have to get up again.

Well the show got started and we were entertained as each of the performers came out and did several songs. The lighting effects were bright and colorful. Bill Gaither and Mark Lowry gave us some good laughs as did others. The piano player, Gordon Mote was fabulous. He is the best. He won the award as the best pianist in country music! And he's blind! Obviously not a handicap. Of course, he's played the piano since he was three years old.

We also enjoyed Jeff & Sherry Easter and their children. And then there was also Janet Pascal, Jesse Dixon, Signature Sound and the Gaither Vocal Band.

A most enjoyable evening and we got to let our little lights shine!

Saturday, May 9, 2009


Well, it's Mother's Day weekend and I think that means flowers. For several years now our church has held a free car wash, free burgers and of course a free flower for the moms. This is held on the Saturday of Mother's Day weekend. This year we were a little slow in getting set up. It looked like it might rain, but we continued to get ready. The sun came out and the people came out. Some come to get their car washed, others walk over to have a free burger and some just come to chat. They know we do this every year and they look forward to it. We even have some come from farther away, so it's a great opportunity to meet people from different walks of life.