Sunday, July 14, 2013

Manitou Beach Resort

At Manitou Beach Resort enjoy the mineral pools and quiet setting. 
It is located near Watrous, Saskatchewan.

Making a move

We lived in the same house for thirty years.  Wow, didn't even think much about it until one day we decided to put our house up for sale.  We were told our house would sell quickly.  We started looking through all our stuff. This took time... about two months to look through everything in every cupboard and every box.  A lot of stuff was put out for recycling or garbage and also set aside for garage sale. Finally at the beginning of the third month our house sold.  Now we started again, looking through everything and more stuff was donated or sold or put out for the spring pick-up. We still had a lot of stuff. We started collecting boxes from local stores. The boxes seemed to take over our house and garage. Each week we had to get more boxes, never seemed to be enough.  Now the possession date was approaching, we only had a little over two weeks to get it all packed.  The day before the moving truck came we worked late into the evening to get it all done.  And there still didn't seem to be enough boxes.  Finally moving day came and it was carried out. It took three loads in the large truck and filled our new single garage completely... now it had to find a new place and I think we donated another few car loads to charity.  What a lot of stuff!